Care4Cure Foundation Inc.
Care4Cure Foundation Inc.

US Non-Profit Organization Tax ID#: 81-4728690 (A 501 c(3) Tax-exempted organization)

Care4Cure Foundation Inc. is established in New Jersey, USA with a sole aim to help NGO and hospitals providing affordable care to cancer patients through fund raising. 


As you might all know that hundreds and thousands of people in the Northeast India are suffering from the dreaded disease of cancer. As per Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), Northeast has the highest incidence of cancer in India.  The geographic remoteness of the region, socio-economic background of the majority of cancer patients, and lack of quallty hospitals and facilities makes it very difficult to receive affordable treatment and comprehensive care to cancer patients.  


Many among us bear testimonies to the pain and sufferings of cancer patients which eventually propelled few of us to embark upon a mission to help the needy.  We know that every one of you can make a positive impact and can be a beacon of hope to many. So, we call upon you to be a part of our mission and contribute towards the common goal by supporting Care4Cure Foundation Inc.  Every penny you contribute can save lives and bring smiles to many.  It’s a clarion call to all good Samaritans to help us in this noble endeavor by making contribution to this campaign. As a part of this campaign we are trying to raise fund from all our friends settled across countries like USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Luxembourg, Finland, Austria, Italy, India, Middle-East etc.


The fund collected under this campaign will be donated to Cachar Cancer Hospital and Research Center (CCHRC) for upgrading their facilities and procuring new medical instruments. Care4Cure Foundation Inc is also listed as one of the primary contributors for CCHRC. Please visit to know more about CCHRC and Care4Cure Foundation Inc

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